Mother’s Day Recital

Mother is the greatest person in the world。 In May every year, we always send our best wishes to mom. This year, Lowen school of music presented a grand concert as a gift to all mothers.
The concert had 5 sessions and was held in two consecutive weekends. On May 7th, teacher Joyce Ho and Professor Dale Throness gave us a fantastic performance included solo singing, duo singing, children choir and mini-opera. Audiences totally had a wonderful musical journey, they were obsessed by the voice from heaven in the whole afternoon.
After teacher Joyce, it was a joint performance by other teachers of Lowen school of music. Our teachers and students showed us their talent perfectly, not only piano but also harp, violin and guitar were played during the concert. Tom Gamble, our guitar teacher, performed a song written by himself to end the show and gained lots of compliments.
On May 8th, another two concerts were held. The first one was presented by teacher Inna and her students, the second one was a joint performance by teacher Hidy and teacher Oscar. When parents saw their kids performed diligently on the stage, they felt pleased and proud, applauses never stop during sessions.
The last session on May 14th we had a special guest madam Wang, she is not our school student, but she came to practice at least 2 hours every day. Her passion in music impressed us, so we invited her as a guest to perform in the concert.
Throughout 5 sessions, we played a slideshow on the screen, it was pictures of every mother and their kids, we would love to share the love with every mother, and let the warmth spread thoroughly onto everyone’s heart. We hereby appreciate all the support from teachers and parents! Without them, the concert wouldn’t be successful !

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