Loewen Piano House Music School Summer Camp Completed Successfully

The 2 weeks Loewen Piano House Music School Summer Camp was completed successfully on July 14th, 2017. During the 2 weeks, to developing students’ comprehensive abilities and stimulating their music potential, the music school has arranged a wide range of classes and activities, including violin, harp, guitar, choirs, Chinese and handwork, etc. The school was full of students’ smile every day.

Harp class is one of the students’ favorite instrument classes. This time, we have invited an experienced teacher, Sheryl, to teach students harp. With teacher Sheryl’s explaining, students learned how to play simple pieces in a short time. They cannot wait to perform in front of other students.

Besides harp class, the school also arranged violin class for students. Teacher Gower is a popular piano and violin teacher in our school, who also has rich music teaching experience. He taught every student how to hold a violin and understand violin. Interest is always the best teacher, after couple classes, most of the students learned how to hold their violin to play a simple song.

On guitar class, students learned the differences between guitar and ukulele. With teacher Michael’s coaching, they were singing songs and playing music games together, every class was always finished in happiness.

Also, dance and choirs classes were very popular in students. Dance class can improve students ‘sense of rhythm. Choir class is a benefit to improve their teamwork ability. On the class, the teacher played music and dance games with students, emphasizing on happy learning.

School also added handwork and Chinese class for students. In Chinese class, students learned clam down and concentrated to write every single word correctly. Handwork class can help students working with their own hand. With teacher’s instructions, they made a painting and a greeting card independently, which can give them a sense of achievement and build their self-confidence.

Loewen Music School has different kinds of music activities and classes every year, aiming to cultivate students music potential and helping them to learn happily. We will bring more music camps in the future, welcome all students to participant in. School line: 604-273-3808.

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