2017 Richmond Night Market Music Show

In the evening of August 5th, the students from Loewen piano house school of music and art has held a music show at Richmond night market.

Everyone was in a customized performance T-shirt, designed by the school, and showed up much earlier than the performance time. Although most of the students are under 10, they already had rich performance experiences. At 7:30 pm, 3 little hosts were on stage, the show started. Students began to give their performance one by one. Audiences never stopped their applause.

This 1-hour music show has covered various performances, including piano, violin, singing, and choirs.

Besides some classical pieces, students also played many pop songs, such as Stay with Me, Beauty and Beast. Their amazing performance won a lot of cheers and applause.

After the show, all performers were back on the stage to give their thanks to audiences. Everyone there was recording these young smile faces with cameras and cell phones.  Obviously, each success shows will need parents and students support, also, it was not only an opportunity to enrich students’ performance experience but also a way to show their study results to people.

Loewen piano house school of music and art is keen to explore students’ musical potential and provide them with different supports for their further musical achievements.  

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