Music Makes a Cool Summer—Lansdowne Mall Small Concert

Loewen School of Music has held a fantastic small music concern in Lansdowne Mall on Sep. 03, 2017.

The stage was built in the busiest area of Lansdowne Mall.  A beautiful red grand piano, provided by Loewen Piano House was set up in the stage centre, with grass decorating on the ground, has drawn everyone’s attention. Every one passing by cannot help to have a closer glance of it; some of them went on the stage, played a little piece.

The concert started at 2:00, after the warm-up speech, our little host brought up the first performer.  When performers were playing their pieces on stage, other little performers did not stop to prepare their own pieces to show audiences the perfect performance. Most of them already had rich performance experience, their little fingers flew on the piano keys and their faces were full of confidence.

The concert was about 1.5 hours long. Performances were varied, including piano, violin, singing, etc. Applauds and compliments were never stopped. Some performers also showed their different talents, everyone has played at least two pieces.

The concert was finished with the song of “Beauty and The Beast”, all performers were back on the stage and audiences began to record this moment with their phones and cameras. With the support from all parents and students, every recital ended with great success, and our students were having progress every time. Loewen School of Music is proud to see each student’s progress and achievements.


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