Celebrate Christmas with Loewen School of Music—Oakridge Mall Christmas Recital 2017

Loewen School of Music 2017 Christmas recital was held on Dec. 16 and 17. This year, invited by Oakridge mall, the recital was held at Oakridge mall west galleria. When stepping into the recital area, people can feel Christmas at every corner.
During this two-day recital, all students and teachers were here to give us a fantastic show. Everyone was dressed up nicely, little suits, princess dresses, Christmas hats, etc., which matched our Christmas topic perfectly.
Our music school teachers were so proud there, to see and share the achievements that their students have earned during the past year. Some teachers were on the stage to play a piece with students, others played their prepared pieces to all audiences, which brought teachers and students much closer.
The programs were also varied. Piano solo, violin solo, choirs, singing, cello, etc., were prepared by students almost a month ago. Loewen School of Music also invited Professor Dale from UBC, teacher Joyce, teacher Gower, teacher Michael and music players from Chamber Music group this year. Audiences never stopped their applause for their amazing performances. At the end of the recital, people cannot wait to take a photo with others, trying to keep this memorable moment forever.
Christmas recital gave our 2017 semester a perfect ending. Loewen School of Music would like to thank all teachers, students and parents’ supports from the last year. We are looking forward to seeing all students and their new progress in 2018 semester!

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