2018 Spring Break Music Camp

Loewen Piano House School of Music successfully held the 2018 Spring Break Music Camp from March 19 to 29. The Spring Music Camp is an opportunity for kids to experience something different during spring break in a safe and fun environment.

During spring break music camp, our students presented their various skills to us. And now it is our honor to show what they learned from us.

Look! How excited our students are in the classes! Our experienced teachers cannot wait to pass on their knowledge and love to the adorable next generations. In a way, music could change or deepen our feelings.

Teacher Luke and Anthony have a unique approach to teach children. Our students gain their knowledge during games. At the end of the day, we usually bring our students to dance in their favourite music pieces.

After teacher Chris’s melody and theory class, our students bring us a wonderful concert.

In Chinese instrument class, it was the first time for our kids to know a strange instrument–Guzheng. With the passion for music, they learned quickly. They could play some easy pieces before long.

For letting our students get to know pianos better, we invited our technician to show them the structure of a piano.

At the end of the music camp, we prepared a surprise for them. There were some Easter eggs hidden in the classroom, our students could exchange eggs for gifts.

Now it’s time to join the Summer Music Camp.

Get more information: 604-273-3808. Register before May 31st could enjoy 10% off. Our summer break camp starts on July 3. Time: 10:00—4:00.

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