About us

In 1936, William Loewen began repairing and selling pianos during the long cold winter months in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Mr. Loewen’s growing passion for pianos convinced him and his two sons to dedicate their efforts towards the piano business. After the second world war, Mr Loewen was the first piano distributor to introduce Yamaha and Kawai pianos to the Canadian marketplace.  Shortly thereafter he imported Samick pianos from Korea as well as many other world-known piano brands. You can still find pianos to this day, all across the world with a Leowen brand name on the fallboard.  Many of these are actually early-model Yamaha or Kawai pianos.

In 2015, Loewen Piano House opened a state-of-the-art headquarters at 12351 Bridgeport Rd Richmond, BC, Canada.  This new facility includes a 4,000 square foot Music Education Facility,  a 6,000 square foot Display Showroom and a 8,000 square foot  Professional Performance Hall.

The Loewen Group

Today, the Loewen Group has evolved into a multi-national music enterprise. As well as its retail piano store, the company’s profile has grown to include piano manufacturing – since 1989 and a worldwide distribution network – since 1993.
With over 80 years of experience and continued, evolving development, the Loewen Group has extended its service centers and has a network of retail partners in over 15 different cities and serves 8 different countries. It continues its growth pattern.
Company founder, Mr. Loewen, has always said “People make the difference!”. Today, we are continuing to strive for success.

Current Recruiting Position

1, School Assistant Full time / Part time , please direct email resume to school@lowenpianohouse.com

2, Sales Consultant / Manager Assistant (Oversea Market), please direct email resume to luke@lowenpianohouse.com

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