Rent to Own, 0% Financing

Rent-to-Own Program

Loewen Piano House offers “Rent to Own ” program for over 50 years in Canada. It is always one of the best programs for young children or beginner piano student to get started allowing them to practice on a quality piano at home.

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“I think it is an excellent program. Rental starts as low as $39 /month and it allows my children to enjoy a good quality acoustic piano at home. The first 12 month rental credit can go toward the purchase of my new piano too. It is so awesome.”
– Judy Kwan

“I can make sure my kids would continue with the piano lesson and show the love and passion for it before I made the commitment to purchase one. Loewen Rental program is an excellent program for many familyies just like us before making this huge investiment.”
– Sarah Tudor

0% Financing Options

Loewen Piano House offers easy and affordable financing options for any purchase of new pianos on approved credit (o.a.c.)*. We offer both in house financing with 0% interest and easy, flexible terms up to 36 months. It’s easy to qualify for financing, just fill out an application and our Credit department can process it within minutes.

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“The 0% financing program gives me a chance to buy a better quality piano and the one I always wanted without pressure!”
– Teacher Joyce Mitchelle

Upgrade Program

Start off with a used piano or digital piano? No worries, we offer all of our customers a 10 year full value upgrade program. That means when you purchase a piano from us, you are automatically enrolled in our upgrade program. You can upgrade your first piano to a higher value and higher level piano within 5 years of your first purchase. All you need to pay is the difference!

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“I started with a kawai digital 3 yrs ago, and I need a good accoustic piano to continue my lesson, upgrade my digital back with full price to a Brand New KAWAI Piano.. Awesome deal!”
– Fu, Ye Jin