Director Of Loewen Music School

Teacher Belinda Li had over 20 years of education and management experience, specially in music industry.

She start her career as a dance instructor, her passion in education and dedication of music is the key for the success of Loewen music school.

Teacher Junyi Chen graduated from McGill’s University – piano performance. He started the piano at age 6 and attend Lord Byng mini arts program as a French Horn player. Hee chose piano as his primary instrument and was taught under Prof. Kyoko Hashimoto as well as Prof. Marina Mdivani at Mc Gill’s University. He also attended Peabody Conservatory for a semester under Prof. Benjamin Pasternack.


Teacher Vicky is the director of Chinese class

She start Chinese teaching since 2008. specialize in kids learning area.

Vicy had designed a special program call The Tea pot Chinese class program which been proof to be one of the best and easiest learning program for young kid in second language.


Vicky 老師

經歷:本人自2008年開始華語教學 深深明白學習華語對在外的華人孩子學習上的困難 Add to dictionaryTrouble  因為茶壺 Vicky老師 帶領你 進入 快樂學習華語的世界!


生活應用對話 戲劇活潑表演

漢語拼音並重 每週重點測試

務實華語紮根 快速記憶學習


Angela has been teaching the piano for more than 20 years, first in Hong Kong and then in Vancouver. She holds Fellowship Diplomas (FTCL) in Piano Recital and in Piano Accompanying respectively from the Trinity College, London.She enjoys teaching both adults and children, and being an accompanist for string students.

Instrument: Guitar, Theory

Language: English

Master of Music, UBC

During more than 15 years of teaching experience, I’ve developed music curricula based on different cultures and music styles. From Rock, Jazz, Pop,  to Classical, Tango and Bossa-Nova just to name a few.  As a teacher, I’m organized, committed and I take each student as an opportunity to develop individual programs of study.

With more than 20 years of artistic exposure I’ve had the opportunity to perform in cities such as New York, Venice, Monte-Carlo, Cape Town (SA), Auckland (NZ) and Habana among many others. I’ve performed in important venues such as “The Chan Centre” in Vancouver and “Bliblioteca Luis Angel Arango” in Bogotá.  As artist I’ve been invited to perform at the Mannes Guitar Semminar in New York, and local events such as the Arts at One concert series at Douglas College, the UBC Alumni Achievement Awards and many concerts sponsored by the Vancouver Health Arts Society.

Playing the guitar has taken me to the most distant and amazing places in the world.  Both to real places and places in my own mind.  This is precisely why I love to play the guitar:  because I can explore a wide variety of music from different cultures, times and places.

Instrument: Piano, Guitar
Language: English

I started playing guitar and electric bass from the age of 11 and taught myself some piano starting at age 14. Through grade 7 to grade 12, I took concert band every year and played electric and double bass. During this year I also got experience playing as an electric bassist in a pop-punk/metal band, and I took part in the writing and recording of a $5000 album. After high school, I took the Basic Musicianship program at Douglas College, and then the following year started the University Transfer program in music. On completion of my second year, I was given the opportunity to play my first symphony concert, which ended up being Beethoven’s 7th symphony. From this point on I fell in love with classical music and successfully auditioned for New West Symphony, the community symphony. I have played many gigs in concert bands and different symphonies/bands/chamber groups, soaking up as much experience and musical knowledge as I could get. My dream is to play in a professional orchestra and become a virtuoso of the double bass and to teach music lessons. I have knowledge of music theory, piano, sight singing and ear training, and can teach the ability to read music. I am personable, flexible, friendly, and can work well with children as well as beginners or even intermediates of all ages.

Subjects: Violin
Language: English

Born and raised in Vancouver, Boris earned his Bachelors of Music from UBC in 2013 and has since been freelancing and teaching around the lower mainland. An alumnus of the National Youth Orchestra of Canada (2012), Boris has also played with the Kamloops Symphony, at the Vancouver Jazz Fest, Vancouver Fringe Festival, Theatre Under The Stars, to name a few.

Boris enjoys working with students of all ages and levels to discover the colossal and immeasurable world of music, to find solutions to the technical challenges of playing the violin, and ultimately to develop skills and foster healthy attitudes by way of the violin that transfer into success outside the music studio.



Cicy Chen started her music studies at professional level the age of five. She graduated with honors and received the Bachelor of Music degrees in Piano performance from XingHai Conservatory of Music in China. Upon graduation she started her teaching career. As a teacher Cicy is patient, creative, innovative and confident. She is deeply committed to a high standard and excellent quality of piano education. Cicy organized and directed many special musical events and recitals. She has also been awarded Certificate of honor for Excellence in Teaching. Her students have been major prize winners in Macau piano open competition and Asia Pacific Youth Arts Festival performance.

Claire Huang started her piano learning when she was age 6 in Taiwan. Beside Piano, she also received her offer in Voice major from Shih Chien University when she was in Taiwan. However she decided to explore her music journey after she moved with her family in Canada, She studied with Barrie Barrington, MayLing Kwok, also she received her Bachelor of Music in Piano at the University of Victoria with Professor Bruce Vogt.

Claire has received several awards and performances including first honor talent when she was in high school in Taiwan, Entrance Scholarship at Douglas College.

Claire encourages heencouragess to participate recitals, RCM Examinations and master classes to achieve their music desires as a piano player step by step. She shares passion of music with her students with patience and interpersonal skills.

  • Professional Performing Artist
  • Singer (specialize in Western Art Song & Opera)
  • Certified Music Instructor
  • Certified ESL Instructor
  • Graduate of UBC Master’s of Education (in Music)
  • UBC Bachelor of Music
  • VCC TESOL Diploma
  • VCC PID (in Music)
  • Fully-Qualified Sylvan Learning Instructor
  • Charis has done extensive Solo and
    Choral performances with Vancouver Opera Association; Western Concert Opera;
    Vancouver Chamber Choir; Vancouver Bach Choir; and numerous Professional and
    Amateur Choirs and Ensembles. Her performance had been broadcasted through CBC
    Radio and Television throughout Canada. Charis was the Provincial Senior Voice
    Competition Representative in 1997, and she made her Live Interview Debut with CBC
    Radio on topic about Western Art Song and Opera. A member of Canadian Actors’
    Equity (signed in by the Vancouver Opera Association), Charis has won numerous
    awards and scholarships in competitions; music studies; and music camps.
    Charis is not only a dedicated musician; but also an educator with passion; mission; and
    vision. She has extensive teaching experience at Vancouver School Board; Tom Lee
    Music Academy; different Community Centers; Music Schools and Language Schools.
    Charis’s teaching is now expanding to International: she’s now coaching young singers
    in Taipei, and her students will also be traveling round the world and sing in major
    concert halls; museums and parliaments. Her students also got into the 15 Finalists to
    attend the 2016 International Miami Jazz Festival to perform and explore. Her students’
    ages are from four to over ninety years old with diverse language; cultural and musical
    background including Classical; Pop; Rock; and students from Film Schools. Charis also
    studied and did research on Music Education; Singing; Voice; Curriculum and
    Pedagogy in Music Education.
    Charis loves to teach; encourage; help; guide and inspire students to fulfill their academic;
    musical; and personal dreams; potentials; and goals.

Subjects: Piano, Voice
Language: English

A singer from Winnipeg, is thrilled to have the opportunity to teach voice at Loewen Music School. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts- Music Major from The Canadian Mennonite University, where she focused on vocal performance. Since graduation in 2013, she has been teaching voice and piano as well as performing in a local operetta company, The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Winnipeg. Courtney is a passionate individual who is dedicated to teaching children to discover body awareness and alignment, train proper breathing and singing technique, as well as building confidence and self identity. Courtney has been practicing yoga for many years now, and plans to organize a group yoga class so the children can explore this fun, beneficial form of exercise. She can’t wait to meet her new students!

Instrument: Piano, Violin, Composing
Education: Bachelor of Music
Language: English
I’m a 28-year-old self-confessed music addict. Currently, living in Vancouver Canada and working as a music teacher. I’d label myself an all-around developer, improviser, violinist, and pianist. I also like to venture into the world of improvisation when time permits. I enjoy creating music and jamming with other musicians. I am originally from Kuwait; I have gotten my bachelor’s degree from Kuwait. I have studied classical and Middle Eastern music at Kuwait. I have lived in the U.S for a couple years; I have studied jazz and sound engineering at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona.

Daisy Kwan is a versatile teacher with over 12 years of experience and she teaches piano to student from age 3 to adult. She received her A.R.C.T. from the Royal Conservatory of Music and holds a B.A from SFU. She is also a graduate of Yamama program and has taught many group classes. Her teaching style is flexible and courses are customized to suit her students’ goal. She plays music instruments for enjoyment. Daisy has a proven track record of helping students achieve high marks during examinations. All students are taught a solid foundation of musicianship skills including rhythm, ear training, musical expression, and music theory. These important transferable skills can be applied to learning to play other instruments and music genres so students can continue to branch out and explore music in their own way.

Winner of the Vancouver Kiwanis Music festivals (2008, 2009) and placing among the top 3 competitors in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, Gower Sun is one of the most preeminent young violinists of British Columbia.

Starting violin at the age of 9, he was considered a prodigy by many teachers, completing level 8 of RCM violin in just one year. His playing is described by Conductor Garth Williams as “very musical and smooth and always in a controlled manner.”

Gower participates in various chamber groups, competing and performing in various music festivals and performs as a soloist in concerts all over BC. He is currently teaching violin on various platforms and he frequently appears in recordings for music producers and film scores.

Gower plays on an Italian violin attributed to Carlo Antonio Testore, (Milan, c.1750)

Bachelor degree of Music
Piano & Theory

Hidy is a piano and theory teacher with ten years of experience, and she hold a Bachelor of Music from University of Victoria, Piano and Literature Pedagogy from Victoria of Conservatory, and Recording and Sound Design Certificate, and graduated with distinction and awards.

While acting as a music instructor, Hidy also gets involved in designing and composing music for different local projects

She has a successful track record in developing students’ interest in appreciating music.

Kelsey started her dance learning when she was 3 years old. She received extensive dance training in ballet, contemporary dance, folk dance and Chinese traditional dance in both Canada and China. Kelsey was working as a professional dancer in a well-known dance company based in China and had the opportunity to perform several lead roles in dance productions internationally including China, Japan, Korea, USA and Europe. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with an extended minor in Dance from Simon Fraser University.


Kelsey has considerable experience in teaching, choreographing and directing dance performances for students of all age groups. She loves sharing her passion for dance with her students and be able to incorporate different dance styles into enjoyable and dynamic dance classes.

I-Cheng Chen began his music studies at the age of five. After he earned his Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance, Composition and Conducting, he continued his advanced musical training in Vienna, Austria where he studied with renowned Pianist Jorg Demus. In 1993, he moved to Montreal where he continued his studies and attained a Master’s degree at McGill University. Throughout the years, he has performed in major concert halls and music festivals. His playing is distinguished by the softness of sound and variety of tonal colors. His extraordinary memory (a 300 composition repertoire) and excellent improvisational skills have led him not only as a recitalist but also as a pianist for Classical ballet and Jazz.

I-Cheng is known for his patient and sensitive approach to teaching. He is fluent in English and Mandarin.



Ian Cohen has a BA degree in Music, Major in trumpet performance (with distinction) from the University of Victoria. He has performed and taught music for over ten years in BC, California, and South Korea as a guest artist and clinician. Although he primarily focuses on classical music, Ian is equally comfortable in many other genres from the commercial and jazz realm. He has studied classical trumpet with professors Louis Ranger and Dr. Edward Lewis, as well as commercial trumpet playing with Laurie Frink, Lew Soloff, and Malcolm McNab. Ian has a passion for teaching trumpet, trombone, French horn, and beginner piano students of all ages!

Michael Bemmels is an accomplished guitarist from Richmond, B.C. He holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in classical guitar performance from UBC, where he studied under Daniel Bolshoy and Michael Strutt. Throughout his studies at UBC, Michael was awarded nine scholarships, including the Wallace Berry Memorial Prize for his outstanding achievements in music theory courses. In 2013, he won 1st place in both the Kiwanis and the Performing Arts BC Festivals, going on to finish 2nd place in the FCMF National Festival in Waterloo, Ontario. Michael has a wide range of professional experiences as a musician, including teaching guitar, adjudicating guitar at the 2015 BCCM music festival, arranging popular songs for solo guitar, and working as a music theory Teaching Assistant at UBC.

Michael frequently performs for the Vancouver Classic Guitar Society and Vancouver Health Arts Society. In October of 2015 he performed a “Music at Midweek” concert with mezzo-soprano Katie Miller at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. He has also performed three concerts with the UBC Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and played in the UBC Chamber Orchestra’s complete performance of Schubert’s “Winterreise” (orchestrated by Hans Zender). 

Prior to his studies at UBC, Michael played jazz trumpet, popular and rock music on electric guitar, and developed a keen and lasting interest in music theory and composition. With a broad and versatile background, Michael is passionate about teaching all skill levels and styles of music.

A Vancouver native, Michael Dobko began studying piano at 4 and has since fallen in love with the instrument. Familiar with both classical and contemporary works and composers, Michael seeks to expand students’ musical understanding and develop their pianism, ultimately allowing them to greater express themselves musically. He has taught and aided everyone from absolute beginners to experienced students and peers, and his teaching method focuses on development and awareness of style and technique. Michael currently studies piano at the UBC School of Music and is expected to finish his B.Mus degree in 2019; following his undergraduate degree, he aims to pursue graduate studies in piano performance and pedagogy. Michael is also pursuing a Licentiate diploma in piano performance from Trinity College London.

Master Degree in Pedagogy

Subjects: Piano & Theory

Inna was the principal of Children’s Art School and also the head of Culture Department of the City in Ukraine. She receives the Bachelor Degree of Music from Khmelnitsky Music College in Ukraine, her Master’s Degree in Pedagogy from Rivne Slavonic Institute of Kyiv Slavonic University, and her Professional Teaching Certificate from the National Academy of Culture in Ukraine. Inna’s professional background has equipped with her solid practical skills combined with a deep understanding of music. Inna has been working as a piano teacher, choir and chamber music accompanist, and theory teacher for over 22 years.

Oscar Liu started learning the piano at age 5 in China, and has been teaching since 2009. Although Oscar is not a full time professional musician, he is fervent about sharing the art, and introducing the practice and performance of music into students’ longterm lifestyle. Oscar received rigorous training in western classical music, and has worked as an accompanist for choirs ranging from classical chamber groups to modern vocal jazz. Oscar emphasizes on a balanced lesson format, weaving playing the instrument with music theory, sight reading, rhythm exercises and aural training at the very start of a student’s musical journey. Oscar is committed to introduce his students to a wide range of genres, from classical to jazz and contemporary pop. Oscar encourages students to sing and play at the same time, and collaborate with other instruments and musicians. Most importantly, Oscar wishes to share the greatest qualities of practicing music with all students: elevated selfesteem, perseverance, and tranquility in character.

Instrument: Piano, Voice, Cello
Education: Bachelor of Music, ACRT Performer Certificate
Language: English, Mandarin

Taiwanese Mezzo-soprano Joyce Ho began her musical training with piano at the age of 3. After she came to Canada, she began studying cello with Mr. John Doerksen, and a year later she was accepted into the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra through her teenage years and completed the Royal Conservatory of Music in ARCT. At age 17, Joyce then turned to singing and entered the UBC School of Music majored in opera which the one of the most prominent performer training program in North America. Subsequently, she offered a full scholarship to the Vancouver Academy of Music University division.

Joyce debuted with the UBC Opera Ensemble at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts as Filipyevna in Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin. As a member of the Opera Ensemble, Joyce also performed the Third Lady in Mozart’s Die Zauberlote, Olga Olsen in Weill’s Street Scene, and Amastre in Handel’s Xerxes. She was chosen to sing in masterclasses with international music figures such as Judith Forst, Malcolm Martineau, Stuart Hamilton and Irving Guttmann, and she was also a finalist in the UBC Concerto competition. With the Vancouver Academy of Music opera ensemble, she was featured in scenes from Carmen and Hansel and Gretel.

Joyce was a recipient of the Fraser Valley Kiwanis Music Festival Most Outstanding Vocalist award and was chosen to compete as a finalist in the Provincial Music Festival. In 2009 she was the only mezzo-soprano that chosen from 200 singers and had her first debuted in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre with Vancouver Opera in their Voices of the Pacific Rim Concert. She has also given a recital of German Lieder for the Kwantlen University Guest Artist Series. Joyce was the mezzo soloist in Handel’s Messiah with the Handel Society in the year 2009, and she performed again with the Handel Society in their spring 2012 concert in works by Pergolesi, Mozart, and Schubert. Recent performance: August year 2014, Miss Ho was the mezzo soloist in Chinese Culture Arts Festival in Queen Elizabeth Theatre. In October, she was performed for a thanksgiving concert with Taiwanese Canadian Culture Society and was also invited by Canadian immigration department and Tzu-Chi Foundation to perform the national anthem. In November, Joyce was the guest soloist for the Vancouver Morning star choir. Miss Ho continues and active career in teaching music and the performing arts.

Ms. Hsiung studied comprehensive piano with Dr. Bruce Vogt in University of Victoria. After graduation with Bachelor Degree in piano performance, she soon started her career in teaching piano as well as flute and harmony. Ms. Hsiung has been teaching music for many years. She shows her enthusiasm in and passionate in teaching both children and adults.

Instrument: Flute
Education: Master of Music
Language: English

Roderick Seed is a British flute player, who made his Carnegie Hall debut in 2010.

He graduated from the Royal Academy of Music, London in 2009,where he won the “Paddy Purcell Award” – an Entrance Scholarship – to study with William Bennett, OBE. He went on to study with Lorna McGhee, the principal flute of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. He has also studied with Sebastian Bell, Kate Hill and Pat Morris (piccolo). He has had masterclasses with Emily Beynon, Emmanuel Pahud, Jacques Zoon, David Takeno (violin professor) and Shigenori Kudo.

In September 2010 Roderick was a First Prize Winner of the Alexander & Buono International Flute Competition (New York) and in October he performed at the Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall.

Roderick has given recitals and concerts in venues such as Snape Maltings (Aldeburgh Festival), St Martin in the Fields, St James’s Piccadilly and Westminster Cathedral, as well as concert halls in Hungary, Germany and USA. He has played with London Octave as guest principal flute and has toured Europe as soloist in Malcolm Arnold’s Flute Concerto with West Sussex County Orchestra. Most recently, he has given concerts and masterclasses in Canada and Japan. He has played alongside flautists such as William Bennett and Denis Bouriakov.

Roderick is a keen advocate of new music, having worked with many composers whilst still a student. He has premiered many chamber works by young composers and also a concerto by Nimrod Borenstein as a result of winning the solo award at the London Concerto Competition. In 2010, he gave a premiere of a new work written especially for him by Eddie McGuire at the British Flute Society Convention in Manchester.

Roderick is an active teacher and teaches at his studio in Vancouver . He was Teaching Assistant at the William Bennett International Flute Summer School in 2009 and 2010. He has also given masterclasses at the Lizst Academy in Budapest, Hungary and for the Royal Muscat Philharmonic Orchestra in Oman. More recently, he gave classes in Toyko and Kyoto, Japan on the Moyse 24 studies and the basic principles of music.

From the age of 6, I have enjoyed playing the piano and my musical journey has continued ever since. After going through an array of music festivals, I managed to achieve multiple awards and certificates. From there on, I knew piano was not just a skill I had, but rather a passion I had discovered. After graduating with a First Class Honors in the Piano Performer’s ARCT, I decided to continue with piano through the enjoyment of teaching others.
I am interested in sharing my passion for music with students and enjoy teaching in an encouraging and fun atmosphere where children will be taught using creative methods. Well acquainted with the RCM syllabus, your child will be well-prepared for all exams and music festivals. I look to equip students with the performance and theoretical skills that will see them excel no matter what path they take in the music. As an engaged and determined teacher, I thrive to extend my knowledge to my students ensuring that they have learned something valuable at each lesson.

Soo Min started learning piano at the age of five.  After receiving her ARCT performance diploma, she went on to complete her Bachelor of Music at the University of Victoria.  During this time, as she was teaching private lessons, her passion for teaching piano drove her to receive training in piano pedagogy, resulting in a AVCM teaching diploma.   In 2014, Soo Min had finished her Masters in Piano Performance at the University of Ottawa.

Her goal, as a teacher, is to assist in developing an appreciation for the art of music-making at any age.  She strongly believes that music making should be enjoyable.  And that when the enjoyment of music is combined with consistent practice, you not only learn to play the piano, but develop important qualities like patience, perseverance, creativity, confidence and discipline.  Soo Min helps her students to become their own music teachers as she strives to motivate and encourage analytical thinking and a musical ear.  Although, Soo Min is a pianist trained in classical music, she also enjoys teaching other styles that are more improvisatory in nature.

Soo Min’s strengths as a teacher include the guidance of practicing efficiently, and developing a relaxed technique, to produce a beautiful tone, at the piano.  Having had experience with teaching students of all ages, she finds enjoyment in tailoring each lesson according to the student’s learning style. 

At the end of the day, Soo Min hopes to foster a love for music so her students can enjoy their time making music at the piano.

Subjects: Piano, Drawing, French

Language: English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Suey Li started learning the piano at the age of 3; she has developed a passion for it.  Having trained in the Russian methodology, she obtained her ARCT diploma and consistently placed first and second at the Kiwanis Music Festival.  She emphasizes the control of tone, touch, and posture, but also inspires children to love music for its magic and beauty.  She enjoys teaching children and has worked with them for over five years.

Other than the piano, Suey has received scholarships and recognition for academic excellence, especially in the subjects of Drawing and French.  Her works are published and are showcased as school murals.

Subjects: Harp
Language: English, Mandarin

Sheryl has been involved with music and the arts throughout her life, receiving her earliest education in piano, choir, and dance. She is a harpist based in Vancouver who teaches harp, piano, theory, and early childhood music programs. Sheryl holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Harp Performance from the University of British Columbia, and her primary harp teachers include Elizabeth Volpé Bligh, principal harpist of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Heidi Krutzen, principal harpist of the Vancouver Opera Orchestra, and Lani Krantz, principal harpist of the Vancouver Island Symphony.

Her many ensemble rehearsals and performances have shaped her into an accomplished artist and teacher. As a solo, chamber, and orchestral harpist, Sheryl has played with the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra, the West Coast Symphony Orchestra, the Forest Symphony 2010, and the Surrey Youth Symphony Orchestra. Sheryl has performed internationally in Canada, the United States, Switzerland, China, and Taiwan, and has participated in master classes by world-class harpists including Milda Agazarian, Skaila Kanga, Natalia Shamayeva, Willy Postma, Ann Yeung, Cristina Braga, and Judy Loman.

In her artistic life, Sheryl complements music making with her work as an active dancer and ballet teacher: She has trained with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, graduated from the Senior Professional Dance Program at the Goh Ballet Academy, and recently completed the DANCEPL3Y Kids Instructor training workshop in Vancouver. Sheryl strives to share the joy created by music and the arts with more families by providing quality education in a fun, engaging, caring, and positive learning environment.

Originating from London, UK, Tom Gamble is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the most exciting young musicians on the scene. Over the past few years he has played some major stages including the 2012 Olympic Games, Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club, The London Jazz Festival, The Royal Festival Hall and many more. His solo guitar concerts have been described as “an awesome genre defying display of genre hopping virtuosity, spontaneity and humour”. He has opened shows for the likes of Martin Taylor MBE, performed alongside the London Philharmonic Orchestra and for several years performed at Tommy Emmanuel’s annual guitar festival in the UK. He has performed throughout Europe, the USA and Canada. He is the founder and conductor of the “Quiet Nights Orchestra” in London, and has recorded for film and TV. Tom holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Trinity College of Music (London UK) and is a Masters student of guitar at UBC (Vancouver).