Alexander Holliday

Instrument: Piano, Guitar
Language: English

I started playing guitar and electric bass from the age of 11 and taught myself some piano starting at age 14. Through grade 7 to grade 12, I took concert band every year and played electric and double bass. During this year I also got experience playing as an electric bassist in a pop-punk/metal band, and I took part in the writing and recording of a $5000 album. After high school, I took the Basic Musicianship program at Douglas College, and then the following year started the University Transfer program in music. On completion of my second year, I was given the opportunity to play my first symphony concert, which ended up being Beethoven’s 7th symphony. From this point on I fell in love with classical music and successfully auditioned for New West Symphony, the community symphony. I have played many gigs in concert bands and different symphonies/bands/chamber groups, soaking up as much experience and musical knowledge as I could get. My dream is to play in a professional orchestra and become a virtuoso of the double bass and to teach music lessons. I have knowledge of music theory, piano, sight singing and ear training, and can teach the ability to read music. I am personable, flexible, friendly, and can work well with children as well as beginners or even intermediates of all ages.

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