Aquizamin Garcia

Instrument: Guitar, Theory

Language: English

Master of Music, UBC

During more than 15 years of teaching experience, I’ve developed music curricula based on different cultures and music styles. From Rock, Jazz, Pop,  to Classical, Tango and Bossa-Nova just to name a few.  As a teacher, I’m organized, committed and I take each student as an opportunity to develop individual programs of study.

With more than 20 years of artistic exposure I’ve had the opportunity to perform in cities such as New York, Venice, Monte-Carlo, Cape Town (SA), Auckland (NZ) and Habana among many others. I’ve performed in important venues such as “The Chan Centre” in Vancouver and “Bliblioteca Luis Angel Arango” in Bogotá.  As artist I’ve been invited to perform at the Mannes Guitar Semminar in New York, and local events such as the Arts at One concert series at Douglas College, the UBC Alumni Achievement Awards and many concerts sponsored by the Vancouver Health Arts Society.

Playing the guitar has taken me to the most distant and amazing places in the world.  Both to real places and places in my own mind.  This is precisely why I love to play the guitar:  because I can explore a wide variety of music from different cultures, times and places.

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