Charis Chung

  • Professional Performing Artist
  • Singer (specialize in Western Art Song & Opera)
  • Certified Music Instructor
  • Certified ESL Instructor
  • Graduate of UBC Master’s of Education (in Music)
  • UBC Bachelor of Music
  • VCC TESOL Diploma
  • VCC PID (in Music)
  • Fully-Qualified Sylvan Learning Instructor
  • Charis has done extensive Solo and
    Choral performances with Vancouver Opera Association; Western Concert Opera;
    Vancouver Chamber Choir; Vancouver Bach Choir; and numerous Professional and
    Amateur Choirs and Ensembles. Her performance had been broadcasted through CBC
    Radio and Television throughout Canada. Charis was the Provincial Senior Voice
    Competition Representative in 1997, and she made her Live Interview Debut with CBC
    Radio on topic about Western Art Song and Opera. A member of Canadian Actors’
    Equity (signed in by the Vancouver Opera Association), Charis has won numerous
    awards and scholarships in competitions; music studies; and music camps.
    Charis is not only a dedicated musician; but also an educator with passion; mission; and
    vision. She has extensive teaching experience at Vancouver School Board; Tom Lee
    Music Academy; different Community Centers; Music Schools and Language Schools.
    Charis’s teaching is now expanding to International: she’s now coaching young singers
    in Taipei, and her students will also be traveling round the world and sing in major
    concert halls; museums and parliaments. Her students also got into the 15 Finalists to
    attend the 2016 International Miami Jazz Festival to perform and explore. Her students’
    ages are from four to over ninety years old with diverse language; cultural and musical
    background including Classical; Pop; Rock; and students from Film Schools. Charis also
    studied and did research on Music Education; Singing; Voice; Curriculum and
    Pedagogy in Music Education.
    Charis loves to teach; encourage; help; guide and inspire students to fulfill their academic;
    musical; and personal dreams; potentials; and goals.

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