Gower Sun

Gower Sun 2018/19 Bio:

Winner of numerous provincial and regional music competitions, Gower Sun is one of the most preeminent young violinists of British Columbia.

Starting violin at the age of 9, he was considered a prodigy by many teachers, completing level 8 of RCM violin in just one year. His playing is described by Conductor Garth Williams and violinist Jeffrey Plotnick as “very musical and smooth and always in a controlled manner,” with “a fine spirit that shines through.”

Gower participates in various chamber groups, competing and performing in various music festivals. Aside from being the current concertmaster in the Langley Honours Orchestra, Gower also performs as a soloist in concerts all over BC. He is currently teaching violin on various platforms and he frequently appears in recordings for music producers and film scores.

Gower plays on an Italian violin attributed to Carlo Antonio Testore, (Milan, c.1750)

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