Soo Min Kim

Soo Min started learning piano at the age of five.  After receiving her ARCT performance diploma, she went on to complete her Bachelor of Music at the University of Victoria.  During this time, as she was teaching private lessons, her passion for teaching piano drove her to receive training in piano pedagogy, resulting in a AVCM teaching diploma.   In 2014, Soo Min had finished her Masters in Piano Performance at the University of Ottawa.

Her goal, as a teacher, is to assist in developing an appreciation for the art of music-making at any age.  She strongly believes that music making should be enjoyable.  And that when the enjoyment of music is combined with consistent practice, you not only learn to play the piano, but develop important qualities like patience, perseverance, creativity, confidence and discipline.  Soo Min helps her students to become their own music teachers as she strives to motivate and encourage analytical thinking and a musical ear.  Although, Soo Min is a pianist trained in classical music, she also enjoys teaching other styles that are more improvisatory in nature.

Soo Min’s strengths as a teacher include the guidance of practicing efficiently, and developing a relaxed technique, to produce a beautiful tone, at the piano.  Having had experience with teaching students of all ages, she finds enjoyment in tailoring each lesson according to the student’s learning style. 

At the end of the day, Soo Min hopes to foster a love for music so her students can enjoy their time making music at the piano.

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