Vicky Hsu

Teacher Vicky is the director of Chinese class

She start Chinese teaching since 2008. specialize in kids learning area.

Vicy had designed a special program call The Tea pot Chinese class program which been proof to be one of the best and easiest learning program for young kid in second language.


Vicky 老師

經歷:本人自2008年開始華語教學 深深明白學習華語對在外的華人孩子學習上的困難 Add to dictionaryTrouble  因為茶壺 Vicky老師 帶領你 進入 快樂學習華語的世界!


生活應用對話 戲劇活潑表演

漢語拼音並重 每週重點測試

務實華語紮根 快速記憶學習


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